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About Us

Making Sense™ . specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of a unique line of products, specially designed for sensory integration training and the motor & cognitive development of children.
Our products are positioned on the thin line distinguishing between toys and furniture, and were developed through the combined effort, experience, knowledge and practice of the best professionals in this category. All for the purpose of creating new adequate challenges for the senses.
In addition our products provide help and assistance to the entire range of Sensory Processing Disorders, starting from temporary sensory difficulties through chronic sensory malfunction. Thus, our products can be used for all symptoms and disorders, such as: ADD, ADHD, PDD, autism etc.
 Some studies indicate a ratio as high as 1 in every 6 children who suffer from Sensory Processing/Integration Disorders, and these numbers continue to rise every year. For more information about Sensory Processing/Integration Disorders click on SPD.
Why use Making Senseproducts?
Making Sense™ products offer young children and toddlers a daily sensory training at their home comfort, in their natural environment, whether it is in their own home, day-care or other surroundings.

In Making Sense™ we give great attention to unique design, and designate our products to fit every child and every home, all based on the 'Universal Design' philosophy. This philosophy allows our products to provide their basic functionality which is sensory treatment, without pointing-out as nothing but delightful toys.


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