making sense
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making sense
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The SPD Foundation
As the leader in Sensory Processing Disorder research, education and advocacy, the SPD Foundation offers an abundance of services and programs for professionals, parents, and anyone interested in knowing more about the sensory challenges that affect children academically, socially, and/or in their emotional development.

Beit-Issie Snoezelen
Beit Issie Shapiro is well known as the pioneer and developer of the Snoezelen - controlled multi-therapeutic method, and its use in treating children with developmental disorders and special needs. The program has been developed and is directed by Michele Shapiro, Ph.D. O.T.


Actualizaciones Terapéuticas
un espacio de capacitación clínica de avanzada que se creó con el objetivo de establecer nuevos estándares en la formación del Terapista Ocupacional Pediátrico y otros profesionales dedicados a la salud y educación; rehabilitación de niños con trastornos neurológicos, madurativos, genéticos, atencionales, de aprendizaje y procesamiento sensorial.
Reseña Profesional»
Mgter. Lic. Julia Salzman, MSc, OT/R
Reseña Profesional»
Lic. María R. Nico, OTR - BCP 
actualizaciones terapeuticas 



Experts believe SPD could be the next ADD
Sensory Processing Disorder is a condition that is often mistaken for ADD or OCD. One study finds SPD estimates it impacts 1 in 20 kids, but they're often misdiagnosed. 




SPD: 1 in 20 might children might have it
Sensory Processing Disorder: Never heard of it? You're not alone,0,985808.story


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