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We experience the world around us through our 7 senses. 
The 5 "traditional" senses:

  • Vision - lights through our eyes
  • Hearing – Hearing voices through our ears
  • Tactile (touch) – feeling pressure, temperature and pain through our skin (tactile system)
  • Smell – Smelling different chemical drifting in the air
  • Taste (Oral system) – Testing texture and taste through our tongue

2 additional senses
provide us with information about our body:

  • Balance (Vestibular system) – provides us with indication as to where our body is in relation to surface, the surroundings, gravity, body movement and correlation between head and body. This sense originates from tiny receptors in the inner-ear.
  • Proprioception – indicates the position and status of the various body parts, the body's acceleration/deceleration and direction as well as weight, pressure and tension of the body. This sense originates from tiny receptors in the joints, muscles and strings of the body.

שבעת החושים

Making Sense™ products are designed to train the brain for better reception of the different stimulations through the different senses. 
Each of our products allows for a specific stimulation and several combined stimulations. 
Select the Sensory category you are interested in, and see our unique products for the specific sense:
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