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Sensory Integration
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Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is a normal neurological developmental process.
It starts as early as the stage of pregnancy inside the mother's womb and continues throughout our entire life. The first 7 years of childhood are considered to be most intense and critical when it comes to Sensory Integration.

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We experience the world through different stimulations which we sense thorough our 7 senses.

Those stimulations go through our central nerve system which controls our body functioning, behavior and study capabilities.

When those stimulations function well, the individual has a clear view and understanding of his entire body in relations to its surroundings and environment.

Continuous updates from deep stimulations while functioning helps the brain to further analyze and plan next actions effectively and efficiently.

  Apart from developing motor capabilities, we need Sensory Integration capabilities for social communication, attention, concentration and learning.

Making Sense™ products are designed to train the brain for better reception of the different stimulations through the different senses. 
Each of our products allows for a specific stimulation and several combined stimulations. 
Select the Sensory category you are interested in, and see our unique products for the specific sense:
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