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The BINNIs is a line of wearable beanbags, which provides the kid with two synergetic yet parallel experiences - both a relaxing static sitting, and a fun playing activity.


Some kids are anxious about movement:
– they are uncomfortable turning upside down
– they become dizzy easily
Making Sense equipment can act as a kind of safe "padding" for them- so that while they "try" all the movements they are neatly padded and any fall will be easier for them. Slowly they will get used to falling because it was not so scary.
Other kids may bump into things because they have poor body awareness. If they wear a BINNI they can have a chance to learn their body parts and their environment while enjoying and not getting hurt. This is kind of "running-in" period for them to learn more about their bodies. 
Careful and professional design is the backbone of our BINNIs line of products. It was made to fit the home environment and usage, just as well as in the therapist clinic. By doing so, our BINNIs allow every-day practice, enabling the kids suffering from SPD a daily and constant stimulation on top of the periodical treatment they get in the therapist clinic.
 All the BINNIs covers are easy to remove for machine wash.
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