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The MISHUs line of products is a set of weighted-dolls, providing the young toddlers with a deep pressure stimulation.


Children who are not alert and not organized show great improvement after deep pressure input to muscles and skin, such as being hugged. Making Sense MISHUs provide the hug – it's like a deep massage. After the massage we expect the person to be more focused and organized. Some kids crave strong bear hugs and love being pressed and squeezed. They may throw themselves onto the ground or love crashing into things. All these behaviors are ways to express the need for deep pressure – what they are actually doing is helping themselves become more focused after activity.

The MISHU's weight can be adjusted as necessary in order to fit every child's needs, as advised by the therapist or according to the desire of the kid himself. Whatever feels good for the kid is probably right. 
The weight adjustment of the MISHU is done by inserting or taking out internal heavy-weight bags that fit into the MISHU.

You can also take out all internal bags out of the MISHU in order to wash & launder it.
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